ResMed AirMini: What You Need to Know

ResMed AirMini: What You Need to Know


When it comes to managing sleep apnea and enhancing your sleep quality, there’s nothing quite like a reliable, user-friendly Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine. Among all the choices out there in the market, the ResMed AirMini stands out as an ultraportable, feature-packed option. But as with any medical device, you likely have some questions:

  • “Can I use it daily?”
  • “Does it run on a battery and how can I change its settings?”
  • “Is it noisy and, if it is, how can I make it quieter?”
  • “Will my health insurance cover it?”

Today, we’re going to delve into these common queries surrounding one of the most compact and advanced CPAP devices available – the ResMed AirMini. Through our comprehensive guide, we aim to ensure you have all the knowledge to make an informed decision and use the AirMini with absolute confidence.


Can You Use ResMed AirMini Daily

A common question CPAP users have, especially when investing in a new machine, is whether they can safely rely on their device for daily use. With the ResMed AirMini, the answer is a resounding yes! Designed with everyday use in mind, and a remarkable blend of compactness and effectiveness, it delivers consistent therapy at home or while travelling.



Despite offering a significantly smaller footprint than traditional models, the AirMini’s performance remains uncompromised. This powerful little machine provides consistent performance without compromising on effectiveness or durability, making it an appealing device for daily use.

Let’s look at some key features which can make it suitable for daily usage:

  • Compact and portable design
  • Advanced therapy algorithms
  • Compatibility with popular ResMed masks
  • Designed for routine cleaning
  • HumidX ™ humidity control system
  • ResMed’s reputation for quality


Does ResMed AirMini Have a Battery

While the ResMed AirMini doesn’t come with an integrated battery, it works seamlessly with external power sources, like the Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite. This capability means you can power your AirMini even without access to a traditional power output, an indispensable feature while travelling, camping, or venturing off the grid. Thus, despite not having a built-in battery, its compatibility with external ones keeps the machine always ready.



While the ResMed AirMini does not come with a built-in battery, the company provides a range of versatile power options and external battery kits that ensure continuous operation while on the go.


AirMini DC/DC Converter

The AirMini DC/DC Converter is a 65W power solution that can be plugged into a vehicle cigarette lighter socket, allowing you to power the device during travelling. However, note that this solution is less about longevity and more about convenience, making it an excellent choice for users who travel frequently.


Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite CPAP Battery/Backup Power Supply

Available as an accessory, the Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite CPAP Battery/Backup Power Supply is a compact, travel-friendly battery option compatible with the ResMed AirMini CPAP. Not just ensuring the continuation of therapy during power outages, campouts, and other off-grid situations, this battery can also serve as a backup power supply.


Adaptors and External Batteries

The ResMed AirMini is designed to accommodate CPAP users’ versatile lifestyle and travelling needs. With adaptors and external batteries, you can maintain the quality of sleep by powering the AirMini handy during travel.


Deep-Cycle Battery Compatibility

ResMed provides guidance on how to power the AirMini using a stand-alone, deep-cycle battery for a single night before recharging, ensuring an interrupted sleep therapy session.

Remember, each power alternative varies in price and should be chosen based on your unique usage scenarios, personal preferences, and budgetary considerations.


How to Set or Change Pressure on ResMed AirMini



Setting or adjusting the pressure level on a ResMed AirMini is crucial for ensuring successful and comfortable sleep therapy. Here’s how to set or change the pressure on your machine in several simple steps:


1. Consult Your Medical Professional

Before making any changes to your therapy pressure settings, it is essential to consult with your sleep physician, respiratory therapist, or clinician. Each individual’s comfort level and therapy needs will differ; therapy, it is recommendable to work closely with your healthcare provider to set the appropriate pressure before adjusting your AirMini.


2. Download the AirMini App

The ResMed AirMini is designed to work seamlessly with the AirMini app, available for free on both iOS and Android devices. Simply visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the app, install and open it on your smartphone or tablet.


3. Pair Your Device

First, ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device. Follow the on-screen instructions within the app to pair your ResMed AirMini with your smartphone or tablet. Once the devices are connected, the app provides access to several AirMini features and settings, including pressure adjustments.


4. Accessing and Adjusting Pressure Settings

After pairing your device, the AirMini app offers full control over your therapy settings. You can go to the app’s Therapy screen to view and adjust the pressure settings according to your needs and preferences. The app’s various settings typically include ‘AutoSet,’ ‘AutoSet for Her,’ and ‘CPAP mode,’ each with their unique pressure settings. Your sleep therapy provider or one of our Rockingham CPAP sleep technicians will need to assist you in accessing and adjusting these settings.


5. Save Changes

Once we have made the desired pressure adjustments, we will tap on the ‘Save’ or ‘Apply’ button to save your changes. This ensures the new settings take effect during your sleep therapy session.


6. Ramp Feature

Additionally, the ResMed AirMini incorporates a ramp feature that allows you to start your therapy with lower pressure levels, which gradually increase over a set period. This feature offers a gentler and more comfortable way to begin your CPAP therapy sessions, especially when adjusting to higher pressure settings.

Remember that while the AirMini app allows you to adjust the pressure level settings, it is crucial to consult your sleep physician, respiratory therapist, or Rockingham CPAP clinician before making any changes. Treatment success and comfort should always be tailor-made to suit individual needs and preferences.


How to Make ResMed AirMini Quieter



While the ResMed AirMini is already designed to operate quietly, you may be able to further minimise noise production to enhance your sleep environment. Here are some steps to consider for ensuring an even quieter experience:


1. Check Mask Fit and Adjustment

A snugly fitting mask can minimise air leaks, which often contribute to noise near the mask. Make sure that your mask is not too tight or too lose and adjust the straps according to your facial anatomy for a comfortable and secure fit. You may also consider using a mask with softer padding or quieter air vent for optimal noise reduction.


2. Examine the Tubing Connections

Ensure that the connections between the AirMini tube, mask, and HumidX™ cartridge are secure and properly connected since loose connections can create noise. Push the tubing firmly over the connectors to prevent air leakage and unnecessary whistling sounds.


3. Secure the Device

The AirMini may produce some vibrations during operation. Placing the machine on a level, sturdy surface or using a non-slip mat can minimise vibrations-related noise.


4. Distance the Device from Your Sleeping Area

If possible, move the AirMini further away from your sleeping area by using a longer CPAP hose or placing the device on a bedside table, shelf, or dedicated CPAP holder. By increasing the distance between you and the AirMini, you may reduce the perceived noise level.


5. Maintain the AirMini

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the AirMini device, including the replacement of the air-inlet filter and HumidX cartridge, can help maintain optimal airflow and reduce noise created by clogged filters or cartridges.

Always consult with your healthcare provider if you have concerns about the noise level of your CPAP therapy as they may have suggestions or offer solutions specific to your situation.


Is ResMed AirMini Covered by Private Health Insurance



Although the ResMed AirMini is a popular CPAP device, its coverage by insurance companies varies. Here are the critical aspects to consider when determining potential insurance coverage for the ResMed AirMini:


Dependent on Individual Insurance Policies

Your coverage for the ResMed AirMini might depend upon your individual health insurance policy. Policies vary significantly among insurance providers and even among different plan options within the same provider. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully read your plan details or contact your insurance provider to understand the coverage they offer for CPAP devices and accessories.


Pre-authorization and Documentation

Typically, all that your health insurance provider such as HBF or BUPA will require is a receipt from our sleep clinic. However, some private health insurers such as Medibank Private require proof of diagnosis. This means your doctor or healthcare provider needs to provide evidence indicating a medical necessity for the device. This proof often generally involves a diagnosis of sleep apnea confirmed through a sleep study. If you have had a sleep study performed at Rockingham CPAP, we will provide you with a copy of the results to provider to the insurer.


Insurance Deductibles and Out-of-pocket Maximums

Keep in mind, even if your insurance policy does cover the ResMed AirMini, you may first have to satisfy your deductible – the amount you pay for healthcare services before your insurance plan starts to pay. Additionally, consider your plan’s out-of-packet maximum, which is the most you’d have to pay for covered services in a plan year. Rebates vary but for most insurers it’s in the $500-700 range.


Rental vs. Purchase

Insurance companies may also decide to cover either a rental of the CPAP equipment or its purchase. This decision often depends upon the specific terms and conditions of your insurance policy. It’s crucial to understand this implication as it can affect how you approach acquiring your CPAP machine.

Please remember to consult directly with your insurance provider to clarify your coverage details. The decision to cover the ResMed AirMini is, ultimately, at the discretion of individual insurance companies and the specific policies they offer.


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