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CPAP Simply The Best For Your Sleep

We hope you are well.

Let’s revisit one of our all-time favourite activities: S L E E P!

It is an essential practice and great for your mind, body and wellness, after all.

However, there’s quite the difference between “an okay sleep”, and well rested, deep slumber – the kind of quality ZZzzz’s Rockingham CPAP is concerned with helping you achieve!


CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) or APAP (automatic positive airway pressure) –are ventilation systems that provide a constant level of pressure to the upper respiratory tract to improve breathing.

What does that mean for you? A much better, more comfortable (and safer) sleep (no sheep counting required)!

CPAP/APAP might be right for you if you experience chronic snoring (or maybe your partner or someone else in the family does), wake up low on energy/feel tired in the morning, are unable to breathe at night properly, etc.

These are often symptoms of Sleep Apnoea that causes breathing to repeatedly stop and start. Treating this with CPAP/APAP can prevent heart issues and high blood pressure (which are potential sides effects if it’s left untreated).


It goes without saying there is a lot happening in the world, and part of the trickledown effect is the impact that many businesses are experiencing with regards to manufacturing and freight.

  • Lots of items you could once purchase quite easily, are now out of stock and on indefinite backorder
  • Rockingham CPAP is a provider for ResMed, the world’s largest manufacturer of the highest quality CPAP devices
  • We have direct access to stock, and as such, are able to maintain high stock levels of masks and accessories
  • We’ll always have what you need, and you won’t have the stress or frustration of dealing with manufacturer supply issues!


We understand that the right CPAP/APAP machine can be expensive; but it shouldn’t have to cost an arm or a leg!

We want you to finally sleep without interruption or breathing issues (imagine that!), so we offer great payment plans that are backed by ResMed (who have a incredible selection of effective, leading devices in this area).

The biggest benefit of this is that you get to deal directly with the manufacturer and the payment plan is still interest free.

You shouldn’t have to miss out on healthy sleep just because you can’t afford a CPAP/APAP machine upfront – and you don’t have to with the right payment plan. You can learn more about it here!


If you’ve just been diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea or have sleep difficulties, we offer 4 week intensive CPAP Trials.

These are a guided introduction into CPAP, and suggested for anyone who has never used a device before.

You’ll be fully monitored throughout the experience to achieve the best possible outcome. From here we offer the option to rent the most suitable equipment for your sleep and health needs!

If you’d like to book a consultation and talk through any questions you have, click here or call (08) 6186 6636!

Wishing you a peaceful night’s rest ahead,


Brett Lukatelich
Rockingham CPAP

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