ResMed AirTouch™ N20 Starter Pack For Her


Key features:

  • UltraSoft memory foam cushion is designed to be light, breathable and gentle on your skin for greater comfort and less skin irritation.
  • Modular frame design allows you to swap between the UltraSoft memory foam cushion and the AirFit N20 InfinitySeal™ silicone cushion.
  • A disposable cushion makes cleaning easy – all you need to do is wipe it down after each use and replace it once a month.
  • AirFit N20 for Her features small-sized headgear with lavender accents on the headgear.

AirTouch N20 for Her is an AirTouch N20 mask variant that’s designed in a smaller size and with unique styling to better meet the needs of women. This starter pack contains 1 x AirTouch N20 for Her nasal mask system and 2 x UltraSoft™ memory foam cushions (3 months’ supply). This mask is size Small.

ResMed’s AirTouch N20 represents our softest nasal mask ever – with UltraSoft memory foam cushion designed to offer unprecedented mask comfort.


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