ResMed AirMini™ AutoSet Ultimate Travel Package

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Key Features

  • The AirMini works with a select range of ResMed AirFit and AirTouch masks.
  • Compatible with ResMed’s AirFit P10, AirFit F20, AirFit F30, AirFit N20, AirTouch F20 and AirTouch N20.
  • Includes an AirMini drawstring bag and 20W power supply unit.
  • Waterless humidification for portable convenience.
  • Includes Medistrom Pilot 24 Lite Battery (please select below)
  • Includes Medistrom 50w Solar Panel (please select below)
  • BONUS Premium Travel Bag (please select below)
  • BONUS Bedside Mount (please select below)

****ROCKINGHAM CPAP EOFY SALE – Receive a FREE Premium Travel Bag & Bedside Mount****

(Offer ends 30/06/2024)



      ****ROCKINGHAM CPAP EOFY SALE - Receive a FREE Premium Travel Bag & Bedside Mount****

      ResMed AirMini™ Premium Carry Bag.

      Key Features

      • This stylish carry bag makes travelling with your ResMed AirMini a breeze. The premium carry bag is spacious enough to fit your AirMini machine, your choice of an AirMini compatible mask, the tubing and much more. You can even squeeze in your mobile device too.
      • The carry bag will hold all the components you need to make your AirMini solution work, to achieve the best therapy for you.

      ResMed AirMini™ Mount System

      Key Features

      • The AirMini Mount System allows you to secure your AirMini device to various points such as your bedside table, wall or even an aeroplane seat pocket
      • The Mount System works by keeping your AirMini CPAP machine just where you want it, without slipping out of place. It comes with various parts to help you secure your machine to different surfaces
      • Includes mattress module, hook module and wall module.

      MEDISTROM™ Pilot-24 Lite Backup Power Supply/Battery

      Key Features

      •  If the power is interrupted at night, your PAP machine will drive power from your Pilot 24 CPAP battery without any interruption to your therapy.
      • The Pilot 24 Lite CPAP Battery is perfect for a back up power supply or travel battery.
      • Compatible With ResMed AirSense 10 and ResMed AirMini Series PAP Devices.

      MEDISTROM™ 50W Solar Panel

      Key Features

      • Suits Medistrom Pilot-12 Lite and Pilot-24 Lite Backup Power Supplies/ CPAP Batteries.
      • Place the Solar Panel in direct sunlight for optimal charge times.
      • To be used only for charging, not intended to be used in the backup power supply configuration.
      • Built-in USB port for powering other handheld devices such as mobile phones and cameras.

      The ResMed AutoSet™ AirMini Ultimate Travel Package includes everything you need to get started: Device, Mask and Setup Pack, Premium Travel Bag, Bedside Mount, Medistrom Pilot 24 Lite Battery, and a Medistrom 50w Solar Panel

      Get quality CPAP therapy performance in the smallest portable automatic CPAP machine when your on the go, and while your truly off the grid. The Medistrom solar panel allows for easy charging from anywhere!

      ****ROCKINGHAM CPAP EOFY SALE – Receive a FREE Premium Travel Bag & Bedside Mount****

      (Offer ends 30/06/2024)

      AirMini Setup Pack

      F20 AirMini Setup Pack, F20 AirMini Setup Pack + HumidX, F30 AirMini Setup Pack, N20 AirMini Setup Pack, N30 AirMini Setup Pack, P10 AirMini Setup Pack


      AirFit F20 Small, AirFit F20 Medium, AirFit F20 Large, AirFit F20 For Her Small, AirFit F20 For Her Medium, AirFit F30 Small, AirFit F30 Medium, AirFit N20 Small, AirFit N20 Medium, AirFit N20 Large, AirFit N20 For Her Small, P10 AirMini Mask Pack (S, M, L), N30 AirMini Mask Pack (S, M, SW)


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