ResMed AirFit™ P30i Nasal Mask System

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Key Features

  • A pillows cushion option to go with the top-of-the-head tube design.
  • A QuietAir™ vent that gently diffuses exhaled air to minimise noise, allowing you to sleep closer to your bed partner.
  • Quick release elbow allows you to easily disconnect your mask from the tubing if you need to get up at night.
  • A soft fitting frame designed to give you the support and stability you need so you can move freely throughout your sleep.

    This tube-up pillows mask gives you the freedom to be you! This minimalist design stays out of your sight and out of your way so you can get cosy next to your loved one. Experience the flexibility to sleep in many different positions with the AirFit P30i.

    Available in size small (includes small frame with S & M pillows) and standard (includes standard frame with S, M, L pillows).


    Small, Standard


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